Seedy hotel room diorama - Part 1

I started this diorama at the beginning of the year but lost interest because i was getting frustrated with trying to make a clay person LOL...i now understand clay people are not my forte... so with my success with 'Life of Grime' i've been spurred on! It didn't start out as a seedy hotel room...destiny picked that out when after adhering the green 'wallpaper' to the walls, the PVA soaked thru and i thought "wayyy cool that looks grotty" LOL!

I begun with a plain brown box from Spotlight. I then printed the green wallpaper; made the skirting boards; door architrave and door; window frame, plonking photo of city behind. The room exit needed a bit of something for depth, so i scaled down a hallway scene [that's a can of coke and some power points included in it] and adhered.

Today i sort of 'distressed' the skirting boards, window frame and door to appear dirty.
Added the peeling paper on ceiling.

The right hand corner with peeling ceiling paper.

Affixed the printout of a hallway to give some depth

I made the bed when i started the diorama. Furniture is a challenge to me LOL but i'm relishing it :) I painted it rather roughly as i want the appearance to be old. I'm going to handsew a 'kapok' mattress for it later. Note the coin for scale.

Bed close up

Bed from above


  1. Like I said, vast amusement!

  2. :-) Thanks T! Got any ideas for my next project? I was thinking of a bit of a ratty cemetery...that could be a very cool challenge....


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