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The Coachhouse, Balcairn, Nth Canterbury, New Zealand 1877 - 1993

The Coachhouse at Balcairn [32 Cornwall Terrace] was built around 1877 by John LISTER who was born in 1833 at Worksop, Nottinghamshire, England. He arrived in Lyttelton, New Zealand onboard the Clontarf* on 5 January 1859[1]. He was listed as 26 and a shepherd. It seems that Sarah MARTIN aged approximately 27 also was on the Clontarf [with possibly her sisters]. John "was a churchwarden for many years and taught in the Sunday school, was a member of the school committee, and always ready to help in any good cause or assist a neighbour." [9].  They had much to do with the lovely church which has been a private home for many many years now. John and Sarah LISTER nee MARTIN[8] They had at least 9 children: Sarah Ellen LISTER born 18 April 1862 [4] Sarah married William MARTIN [note this was also her mothers maiden name] and marriage registered as 1879/1340. Their Children: Ellen Bertha MARTIN [registered 1879/6895] Ettiel [sic] MARTIN [registered 1880/1

Fred AYRES epitaph

In Loving Memory of Fred AYRES who died 23rd January 1925 aged 60 years Fred hadn't much time for religion But thought his own was the best So we trust that Jesus our Saviour Has numbered him with the blest. Hillsborough Cemetery Auckland New Zealand 14 February 2010

A glorious afternoon for graves.

Ernest B[urrow] BAIRD Passed away 30th June 1933 Aged 54 years "To memory ever dear" One of the disappearing graves And so it was and so we did.... Hillsborough cemetery [Auckland] isn't far from where we live and so, because time was limited today but such a lovely day to get out for a couple of hours, we trotted off down there. It had been a while since we had sprayed [ '30 Seconds' ] the grave of 'our' policeman Adam Begg so this was first on our list. After that, we wandered around looking for military headstones. It is a cemetery rife with Lichen so we were armed with a largish container of the famed 'spray and walk awayyyyy' for a few headstones. Hillsborough was one of the first I visited when I relocated to Auckland and I wasn't concentrating too much on the military ones at the time, so it was nice to give a touch of love to someone long forgotten. I will contact the authorities to get some work done on the military headstones especi

Witarina Te Miriarangi Parewahaika HARRIS QSM ceramic

Originally uplo  This is the most amazing grave ceramic I've photographed thus far I think ... she looks just so sweet and the ceramic had a real 'pull' to it.  She is so vibrantly staring out from her headstone, what a statement! Also lovely to have her parents and two grandfathers included on her ceramic - how special.  Click on the photo to go through to my Flickr page for more information. Taken at Kauae Cemetery, Rotorua, New Zealand 17 January 2010