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A humbling month

How do we mark the successes in our life?  Some do by money, some do by cars and others by houses. Those who know me, know my love of cemetery photography and discovering long forgotten stories.  These long dead people don't have to be considered famous, I find many interesting stories from 'ordinary' people.   This month I have marked TWO further successes in my life just by feeling a great inner contentedness and that is rich enough for me! Two more that make all my thousands of hours of photography and research worth it because life stories of those who deserve to be remembered have or will eventually be  correctly acknowledged and brought back in to living memory. These are 2 wonderful success stories to add to my list along with Private William PERREAU's story . Sapper Robert HISLOP I have completed a webpage on how I played a large part in the past month by r ediscovering New Zealand's first young soldier who died in WW1 .  Robert