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So I'm going to be a Grammy...again!

YES indeed this is my most exciting news to look forward to this year so far! Due 15th June. A wee sparring partner for Joseph who will be 2 yrs 4 m ths when baby boy  arri ves. My lovely daughter Jessica and her husband imparted this news to me early November to give me a bit of a boost during a rather blah time I was going through back then.  It has also been a hard year for both of them losing a baby in May 2012 after an ectopic pregnancy for which surgery was required of course and then losing another when she was up here visiting my partner and I in July 2012. All appears fine with this bab e and she has now reached the 17 week stage. Grandson #2 Scan 4 Dec 2012 - 12 weeks Grandson #2 Scan 4 Dec 2012 - 12 weeks Th ey w ere going to wait until Christmas day to tell ever yone by putting a 'big brother' t-shirt o n J oe [see below]  but by a coupl e of weeks before C hristmas everyone knew :)   Joe - 22 months - December 2012 Let'

The MIDDLETON boys and so much more...

My time away in Christchurch over the Christmas break was fantastic also in that I managed to snap over 2000 photographs, most of these at Bromley Cemetery.  I have this penchant to photograph as many graves as I could that mentioned deceased military members of family's on headstones but that had no official military plaque or similar.  Along with these, I try to photograph headstones  [like my work as a volunteer researcher for the Friends of Linwood Cemetery Trust doesn't keep me busy!], I feel will offer an interesting story if I dig further and so go by ages of the interred [very early birth years in comparison to New Zealand's European history]; multiple deaths that are close in date; 'accidental deaths'; other various military graves and unusual names. Many other of my grave photographs with bios can be found HERE This cemetery like all others in Christchurch and outlying areas has been badly damaged due the the thousands of earthquakes in the past 2