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A spot of fishing and a cuppa... early 1900's style

Meet my latest acquisition...I saw it and had to have it...yes the bidding was tense but I snaffled it for $4.  It's turned into an interesting exercise just researching the name of the person it was sent to let alone for the wonderful few seconds frozen in time it represents.          The handwriting at the bottom edge states "Can you recognise anyone in this group"   I just adore the posing in this. The man far right with waders and fishing rod; the girl centre front with her kettle and the boy sitting, far right, with the fry pan in front of him.  The ladies look dressed up quite finely [note the hat hanging from the top of the tent] and so do the man and boy in the back row.  Even the younger children look dressed in what was probably their best clothes.           The Maori boy standing centre left with the camp stool in front of him looks almost dressed for cricket.        Another two lads wear their finery. The fell