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Great expectations

39 weeks - so tired! The time has come! Well nearly. 'Gordon' [don't ask me where on earth my partner got THAT as a nickname for the yet unborn grandson!] - his entrance in to this world is imminent. Due next Friday 11 Feb 2011 [11022011 - fabulous date!] and so i winged my way to Christchurch last Thursday morning to stay with my daughter and her husband until the 16th. Let's hope he's born on his due date! It was a risk booking before he was born, but hey - sometimes in life you have to do that! It's lovely to be spending time with Jessica and Hamish before 'Gordon' arrives [they aren't letting anyone in on his name before he's born] and the build up to his expected due date is delicious. Over the months since i found out i was to become a 'grammy' i have been working away on a 1:12 scale miniature child's bedroom. I was rather pleased with how it turned out. Wrapped Unwrapped [$1 coin to left for scale] This was huge fun to do.