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Christchurch earthquake commemoration at Auckland War Memorial Museum - 1 year on.

I can't believe it's a year already! In some ways it's zoomed by ... in others unbearably slow. I wanted to feel connected to Christchurch today.  Not that it is ever far from my mind with so many connections down there still, I figured a good way to feel this would be to do something that the Cantabs are, so I decided to buy some flowers yesterday to put in road cones :) I made little bunches up [6 in all] and attached a card with a few words on each one and then just past midnight, my partner and I drove around and found some cones. It included a trip to the domain ;) The Museum looked beautiful as usual.  I couldn't help thinking about Auckland and its iconic buildings.  I wonder if people in Auckland [or anywhere else actually] stop to think what it may feel like to actually SEE piles of rubble where their "anchors of identity" had once been. What that experience may be like?  I never did pre September 2010 either.   Since experiencing t