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A bunch of likely lads...

My penchant for collecting quirky things is growing. This is a recent purchase I snapped up for $5 on Trademe.  It's brilliant isn't it :) ... I love the casualness of the moment. From the uniform to the face pulling and  the realisation they're being photographed.  I wonder what the story is behind the snap.    Click on picture for larger view     I'll do some more research into the group at work when I get the time and see what I come up with and also more closer look at the uniform.   Image taken supposedly in Christchurch area and told possibly the Homeguard but they're not wearing Homeguard armbands, nor can I see Homeguard badges/insignia, also no jaunty caps.  There looks to be 2 different types of hat badges being worn including the 'O nwards NZ".  The 'rifles' also look false giving credance to it being Homeguard. Note the puttees. Cadets or similar? School training?   ©2013 Sarndra Lees