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Armistice Day

Auckland War Memorial Museum The fabulous thing about working at our war memorial museum is not only the opportunity to get hands on with amazing artifacts, I am also proud of the amazing  commemorations organised to give thanks to those we may not know but who gave the ultimate sacrifice - their lives.  It is also, I like to think, a time to remember those who had to assimilate back in to 'normal' life and all the horrors that would have brought.  Men with physical and mental disabilities changed forever. Armistice Day this year was a treat because not only was it on 'Remembrance Sunday' and I could attend [whereas on a weekday i'd be working at the museum and not get the chance], but HRH Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall attended as part of their 'Jubilee Tour'.  A couple of days beforehand, museum staff were advised that if we wanted to put our names forward, some of us would have a chance to meet the royal couple by random select