1:12 scale Genealogists study - part 2

Another satisfying afternoon continuing on my diorama. This time, concentrating on making 'bricks' for the exterior.
Cutting the 'bricks' for the exterior. These are made from egg cartons.

After this, each corner of the brick is cut off ever so tiny so that it gives a more realistic look when glued on the diorama.

Colouring the 'bricks' with soft pastels until i get the shades i want.

The 'bricks' are then affixed to the diorama box

A 'spacer' is used to ensure level placement of the bricks and an even space to 'grout' later to complete the job.

Row upon row....

Close up of the 'bricks'. Egg cartons are fabulous for this!

Corner shot

Taking shape. VERY time consuming... preparation of these bricks and affixing took 3 hours, but VERY satisfying :-)

©2010 Sarndra Lees


  1. Wow, looks great, I think! I love to use this material for making stones also. But also very time consuming!

  2. Thanks! :-) yes it is VERY time consuming i agree...but i'm thrilled with how it's coming out for a first effort! Well worth it indeed!


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