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I decided today to put together the bench part of my life of grime. I've been playing around with making little items for the diorama the last few weeks, so whilst Mike was busy sorting the garage out to put our new freezer in i thought i would do something productive too LOL! The first part of life of grime is here The story continues below: Above: the sink attached to the backing board and now with slatted shelves underneath. $NZ2 coin for comparison Above: Backing paper now on bench back Above: Several layers of paints later, coming together Above: Some of the items i've made and bought place on the bench unit. This won't be their final locations, but i couldn't wait to see what it may look like! I will seal the paint first. Above: And another capture with a coin for scale and the pizza box out the way :-)

The Kennedy ancestral hunt

I have recently discovered the demise of my G G Grandparents Anthony [aka John] and Mary KENNEDY nee MCCOOK. Mary MCCOOK was born in Armoy, Co. Antrim, Ireland in 1849, to William and Lilly MCCOOK [nee MCLEAN] and was the eldest of 6 children. Anthony John KENNEDY's trade was listed as a carpenter. He was born in Co. Antrim, Ireland and was the son of William KENNEDY, a blacksmith. They married 20 November 1873 at the Balleymoney Registry office, Balleymoney, Co. Antrim, Ireland. Mary was 6 months pregnant and gave birth to their son Thomas Veruna Rowe KENNEDY on 20 February 1874 [he married Helen SELBIE] and within days the three of them were on board 'Varuna' via Glasgow heading to New Zealand. They settled in Christchurch and went on to have another 10 children William , Mary, Margaret Moore, John, Anthony, James, Arthur, Hugh, John William [my g grandfather] and Lena Theresa. Mary and Anthony had been an enigma to me for decades. From previous


What a beautiful day today, so Mike and I went out to Waikumete Cemetery [Auckland] to take photos of the newly erected headstone for Rifleman William Alfred PERREAU. Great to see that it is now where we expected it to August it was put on the wrong grave! It so stands out! Such a sadly unloved area of the cemetery. I have updated Williams page on my website Myself at the gravesite...he's like an adopted great grandad! Side view of headstone Back view of headstone Front view 1 Front view 2

More miniatures

Still on the miniature bent... teaching myself a few new things...all the below are first efforts so i'm happy enough with them and will perfect as i go on :-) Cornet cones Hokey Pokey biscuits Kiwi fruit Lollipop Capsicum slices

Grave of Ronald Duncan SEWARD aged 3 months

Ronald Duncan SEWARD Originally uploaded by SandyEm Interesting that although he died in 1917, someone has put modern toys on his grave...i love that sort of thing :-)