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England jaunt 2010

My 3 weeks in England in November were fantastic even if it did get off to a rocky start when i landed at Heathrow. I wrenched my right arm getting my hand luggage out of the overhead locker and couldn’t move my arm at all for the first day. [It is still not 100% right and apparently ultrasound has found a tear in my rotator cuff – hopefully i will be able to avoid surgery]. I arrived at Heathrow at 2.30pm and my aunt and uncle Anita and Tony, who live in Kent, picked me up. I had seen them briefly in March when they came to NZ for a holiday but before that it had been several years. We spent a couple of hours the next morning trying to sort out physiotherapy for my arm. I had taken out travel insurance via work and they had given me an emergency contact card that was at least 10 years out of date! The insurance company and all contact details were void! Anita selected a physiotherapist and i just went [which helped tremendously although still in pain, i could continue the trip and