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Generations and Gaps

We had a lovely weekend last week. Mike and I flew to Christchurch on Thursday 7th April to spend some time with family in Christchurch and even better as that was also Jess's birthday. Whilst there we managed to get some lovely impromptu 4 generation snaps... My mum - 1937 Me - 1962 Jess - 1984 Joseph - 2011 to be with Joe for his first innoculation....6 weeks already! Well, actually 7 at time of writing this...i can't believe how fast that's gone!! ...I got lots and lots and lots of wonderful cuddles with my gorgeous wee grandson.... ... and even more cuddles! and got to just watch him now and then.... ...and got to show Joseph off to more he is with great cuzzy Clare Video of Joseph :o) I also got to check in on my house in Christchurch, which i'm pleased to say even with it's interior and exterior earthquake damage, is looking the homeliest it