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A new phase of life

Congratulations to the new prospective parents to be! [Photo - 12 March 2005] Yes indeed, that it will be. On the night of June 3rd i found out i am going to be a grandmother! Crikey how exciting is that! I had flown to Christchurch for the weekend of Queens Birthday to catch up with family and what perfect timing! My daughter Jessica and her husband Hamish picked me up from the airport and back to their place where i was staying. A cup of coffee was made and a piece of Nanna's [my mums] fruit cake served up for me on a plate. I duly quaffed the coffee and finished the cake. As i was putting the plate down beside me, i noticed writing on the bottom of it.... [our writing has evolved into LOLSpeak we love the icanhazcheeseburger website]...... Well crikey that was a surprise! Jess had had a hip operation last year [don't let your kids do karate when they are young!] and i had thought they might start a family soon but expected it more to be next