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Genealogists study part 5

I finally got back in to my miniatures for a few hours this weekend. I started with good intentions of putting the wall paper on but ended up starting to try and miniaturise some documentation for the scene. I can't believe how long this took! I wanted to use some of my own genealogy documentation and although it is so tiny it can't be read, it's rather cool to know that all these 'little bits of my family and I' will be in the diorama. 2 photos below: I miniaturised a screen shot of my genealogy software [Family Tree Maker 2010] for the little laptop that is going in the diorama. I did finally get around to printing out the wallpaper on acid free 120gsm card. This is light enough to print easily in my printer and flexible enough to attach to walls, but firm enough so that the glue will not interfere with the integrity of the end product. After printing, I sprayed with matt sealer. Affixing the largest piece to the diorama. First main strip affixed. I used the bla