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The COGAR children

How fascinating I find trawling the pages of paperspast Yesterday was no exception when I became totally sidetracked from the research I was doing on  one of the hundreds of graves I've photographed and picked up on a rather sad story. This news article drew me in. The thought of these 2 wee boys alone in the world and feeling unwanted, so I thought I'd do a 'quick' search and see what I could find on them...well I should know by now that I get totally absorbed and it is NEVER a quick research *grin*.  The following  took up my whole afternoon and night but such a fascinating journey and of course more questions are posed rather than gaining all the answers. Firstly, let's start with John and George's dilemma... Press, Volume XLV, Issue 7018, 21 March 1888, Page 6 NEGLECTED CHILDREN. –John Vivian Cogar [sic] and George Vivian Paul Cogar, [sic] aged eight and five respectively, were charged with being neglected children.  Inspector Pender sai