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3763 Honourable Captain Bandmaster Frederick BOWES B.E.M.

  So Anzac Day has appeared again.  Always an emotional day for a lot of us on this side of the world. As usual, I visited a cemetery to take photographs of family memorials (not my family) mentioning loved ones buried where they fell overseas and often walking through other sections headstones/plaques catch my eye.  Frederick BOWES resting place was one of these.  He appeared to maybe have something to delve deeper in to. Frederick was a bit of a sharp shooter!  A sportsman whose achievements which included representing New Zealand have been lost to time as well as his notable talents as a cornetist and trumpet player who was a founding member of and played regularly in the Auckland Municipal Band and who was highly respected. On 28 March 1935 this article appeared in the Auckland Star RIFLEMAN ENTERTAINED. "Mr. Fred. Bowes the King's Prize winner at the recent Dominion rifle championship meeting, who is a member of the Auckland Municipal Band, was tender