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Look after those documents!

Burnt in the safe of a solictor in the Warkworth fire, 1931. On exhibition Warkworth Museum New Zealand

Grandma Edna May nee TURNBULL, nearly 100

Photo taken 1938, Christchurch, NZ Dads mum Edna who would have been 100 on 26 December [Boxing day] 2009. She died 24 October 1993. That's my dad in the cane pram aged about a year, he's 73 next June. She married on 2 April 1934, St Peters Church Manse, Woolston, Christchurch to grandad John William  who was born 7 December 1908, Craichmore, Leswalt, Wigtownshire, Scotland.  He emigrated to NZ on board the Tainui with his mother and brother - 1925 and died 23 May 1986. Edna's mother Eva TURNBULL nee HAMILTON [control F when on page to find], was born in Christchurch on 27 December 1877 and married in 1899, in Fitzroy, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia to Henry [Harry] Fitzroy TURNBULL.  Henry had an untimely death in 1902 in his early 20's. She had two children to him Henry Alexander born c 1900 and Annie Rose Elizabeth born c 1902. After Henry's death, Eva came back to New Zealand and had 4 more children - fathers unknown. Leslie Frederick born

Seedy hotel room diorama - Part 3

Continued with some more of my diorama tonight. Previous diorama posts Seedy diorama part 1 Seedy diorama part 2 The 'stained' mattress and pillow. Seemed a shame to stain it cos it looked so nice with the new material but would have looked silly to have had a new looking mattress in the scene, so using a wet teabag i made gross stains :-). Stuffing out of bottom of mattress to add perception of age. Close up of the fork on pizza box and there's the coat hanger... Close up of rolled up legal documents and also on the floor behind the bed There's the fork and i was particularly pleased at how real the mattress looked! Toilet paper, floppy disks to shelf; danger sign to door; coat hanger on side of bed.

Seedy hotel room diorama - Part 2

Another couple of photos from yesterday. Stuck some comics on the floor and a donut too; made a shelf and stuck some 'dimp' on it; a can of drink on the end of the bed and pizza slices in a box under the bed. I thought comics would be more g rated than 1:12 porno mags LOL! There's that shelf with the dimp and a coin to scale

Seedy hotel room diorama - Part 1

I started this diorama at the beginning of the year but lost interest because i was getting frustrated with trying to make a clay person LOL...i now understand clay people are not my forte... so with my success with 'Life of Grime' i've been spurred on! It didn't start out as a seedy hotel room...destiny picked that out when after adhering the green 'wallpaper' to the walls, the PVA soaked thru and i thought "wayyy cool that looks grotty" LOL! I begun with a plain brown box from Spotlight. I then printed the green wallpaper; made the skirting boards; door architrave and door; window frame, plonking photo of city behind. The room exit needed a bit of something for depth, so i scaled down a hallway scene [that's a can of coke and some power points included in it] and adhered. Today i sort of 'distressed' the skirting boards, window frame and door to appear dirty. Added the peeling paper on ceiling. The right hand corner with peeling ceiling