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Strands drawn together

So, last weekend was my 50th birthday.  My partner and I flew to Christchurch on Thursday night. I had much to celebrate and contemplate as a few strands of life had all pulled together to form a rope on the weekend of my birthday. Last month, mum and dad finally found a house to purchase after hunting for nearly 9 months and dealing with EQC & insurance stress for a year before that.  This means they can leave the 'red zone' in Christchurch which has become a scary place to be with unsavoury types hanging around and arsons.  Finding a place has been a stressing and tiresome job.  House hunting at anytime is full on let alone being forced to do it due to your present home being earmarked for demolition.  The whole situation in Christchurch has forced property prices up and availability of suitable properties is at a premium with so many people in the same situation.  This weekend would be the last time I am to step inside the house I was raised in from the age of t

More domain name spaces than you can wag a finger at!

Well it seems my penchant for collecting has now extended to domain name spaces! I treat domain names a bit like car number plates.  They may or may not be an investment, but even if not, it's fun thinking up possibilities I can use them for. The option was floated this week and so what with being employed in the heritage world, my love of things museological and social history wise [including impacts of war], cemetery adoration, heritage and local history fascination, I just had to get these. My partner managed to score and among others  - rather cute :) Myyyy i'm going to be busy! ©2012