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1:12 scale Genealogists study - part 3

I've decided to only do bricks for 1/3 of the way up the diorama and doing a stucco type exterior for the rest. This will add a more interesting texture to the outside and not make it appear like a prison cell! Having completed the brick section, i have commenced grouting inbetween the bricks tonight. 1. Using Polyfilla and mixing scrapings of soft pastels to colour i then put the mixture in to a syringe 2. Squeeze the mixture into the spaces of the bricks [harder than it looks!] 3. Using super thick Pams brand baby wipes, i then smoothed the grout into the gaps and wiped the excess off 4. Rear of diorama completed with the ungrouted bricks to compare on the right 5. Side section half completed Part 1 - 1:12 scale Genealogists study Part 2 - 1:12 scale Genealogists study Part 4 - 1:12 scale Genealogists study ©2010 Sarndra Lees

1:12 scale Genealogists study - part 2

Another satisfying afternoon continuing on my diorama. This time, concentrating on making 'bricks' for the exterior. Cutting the 'bricks' for the exterior. These are made from egg cartons. After this, each corner of the brick is cut off ever so tiny so that it gives a more realistic look when glued on the diorama. Colouring the 'bricks' with soft pastels until i get the shades i want. The 'bricks' are then affixed to the diorama box A 'spacer' is used to ensure level placement of the bricks and an even space to 'grout' later to complete the job. Row upon row.... Close up of the 'bricks'. Egg cartons are fabulous for this! Corner shot Taking shape. VERY time consuming... preparation of these bricks and affixing took 3 hours, but VERY satisfying :-) ©2010 Sarndra Lees

1:12 scale Genealogists study - part 1

Well, it's been a while since i've done any miniatures, so today I began my next project, a genealogists 1:12 study. What better thing to theme it on - being the Genie nutter that I am :-) The first cut! The hole for the window Drawer fronts Drawer support section of genealogists desk Drawer fronts shaped and painted Desk components painted and the drawer fronts added Genealogists desk completed The basic box - it is a dome up one which is nice for a change Some of the tiny photos i've printed out to add to the walls eventually. I'll make some frames for them. These are actual photos of my relatives....and there at the far left is a tiny wedding photo of my daughter and her husband :-) The desk sitting in the box with $NZ2 coin for scale ©2010 Sarndra Lees

The murder of Emily KEELING
Auckland 1886

Emily and her parents grave* Click for Updated photo of the grave by 'Timespanner' 1 January 2011 LOVE AND CRIME Fearful double tragedy at Arch Hill A young lady shot by her lover A thrill of horror ran through the town last evening when it became known that the horrible crimes of murder and suicide had been committed at Arch Hill. The sad news was first conveyed to the Newton Police Station by a youth named Arthur Shannon, who at that time simply knew of the suicide of the murderer. Constable Clark sent word to the central police station, and at once proceeded to the scene of the crime. It was not until some time afterwards that it was known that the perpetrator of the rash act had also committed the fearful crime of murder. It subsequently transpired that, as usual in these sad affairs, love might be considered as the cause of the crime. The Particulars It appears that a young girl named... Emily Mary KEELING... ...who would have been 18 years of age next month, was proceedin