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Christchurch post earthquake - insurance woes

It has been a harrowing time the past few months and the future is uncertain.... I suppose everyone's future is, but sometimes we can buffer ourselves from unexpected nasty surprises.  I used to be able to, but now through no fault of my own - I can't. I am talking about my house insurance in post quake Christchurch. I moved to Auckland 4 years ago...exactly - August 2007.  I had always had house, contents and car insurance for at least a couple of decades with AMI but as I was renting my house out in Christchurch, I had to relinquish the house insurance as AMI at this time did not offer a landlord package.  Instead I opted to go with Prosure Max Landlord Insurance through 'Insurer Services Limited' [now 'The Insurance Group'] in Auckland.  This policy would be underwritten by China Taiping Insurance NZ [CTINZ], a  fully registered NZ insurance company and falls under the Insurance and Savings Ombudsman. I left the care of my house in the hands of