Distance shot with extra items to date added.
Coin at base for scale

Lollipop on shelf under bench;

bag of lollies by vegetable basin;

apple cut in half on shelf under bench;

icky apple core at front of bench

Softdrink cans on shelf under bench;

garden terracotta pot holding knives, forks and spoons

tipped over, spoon hanging over edge;

Brush and mug tipped over;

apples in sink with false teeth on top;

cork from spaghetti jar by apples, with spaghetti

over sink;

mussels and shells beside fish;

apple core front of bench;

Lollipop under benchtop

Icky half eaten apple, top and front of bench;

apple shortcake front of bench;

half peeled apple by leeks; spaghetti jar fallen over

back of bench with spaghetti fallen out in to sink;

loaf of bread partially sliced with crust off

Life of grime - Part one
Life of grime - Part two


  1. Haha thanks to you Sandy I've just found out I'm a taphophiliac too :). Thank you for commenting on my latest Stranger in a Box on my blog. I have ancestors who came from Kaiapoi/Rangiora way too, the Linklaters, you may have come across them at some stage.
    Great blog. Cheers....Dawn

  2. Wow, kind makes me want to go clean my kitchen! ;-)


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