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George MCQUAY ... A soldier lost and found...

We have such a better understanding of the impacts of post traumatic stress disorder  [PTSD] nowadays.  One of the tragedies of World War 1 was that of course mental illness was not perceived as an illness per se.  The impact on men suffering after witnessing horrific sights and/or battle shocks has become well known now.  The angst caused to many families with men arriving back home having to recuperate, changed forever can't be imagined in some cases - very few support systems in place at that time. 

I have recently found the story of a Kiwi soldier who appears to have suffered much.  After absenting without leave, he was considered a deserter, only to have that status rescinded in 1928 when he was identified in a 'mental hospital' in Sydney, Australia, a decade after disappearing.  The torment his family must have gone through is unimaginable.
On the 28th April 1928 the Evening post reported:

IDENTIFIED SOLDIER M'QUAY RETURNING Arrangements are being made by the Gover…