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Earthquake + baby = rollercoaster ride of emotions

snap of online geonet earthquake drum for McQueens Valley of the 6.3 earthquake 22 February 2011

This has been the most surreal 5 weeks. Firstly, meet my gorgeous little grandson Joseph David, 8 pd 6 oz and 55 cm born 25 February 2011 by emergency caesarian, the latest new love of my life :) Thank you to my amazing and special daughter [and of course her hubby Hamish] for such a special wee fellow - I love you. His birth was not without stress and 'adventure' including being 13 days late! I flew to Christchurch on 3rd February from Auckland expecting to be leaving around the 16th. How wrong i was! I have just got home on 12th March.

Newborn and look at Jess glowing!
3 hours old
Joseph 3 hours old and myself

11 days old

11 days old

11 days old

He was already 10 days overdue and i had moved my plane ticket forward to Auckland twice already to remain in Christchurch for his birth. Jess and her husband Hamish were driving to Christchurch Women's Hospital to have him induced whe…