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A bunch of likely lads...

My penchant for collecting quirky things is growing.

This is a recent purchase I snapped up for $5 on Trademe.  It's brilliant isn't it :) ... I love the casualness of the moment. From the uniform to the face pulling and  the realisation they're being photographed.  I wonder what the story is behind the snap. 
I'll do some more research into the group at work when I get the time and see what I come up with and also more closer look at the uniform. Image taken supposedly in Christchurch area and told possibly the Homeguard but they're not wearing Homeguard armbands, nor can I see Homeguard badges/insignia, also no jaunty caps.  There looks to be 2 different types of hat badges being worn including the 'Onwards NZ".  The 'rifles' also look false giving credance to it being Homeguard. Note the puttees.

Cadets or similar? School training?

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