Thankful for early technology and an insightful Uncle!

Me - c1965

How lucky am I! I had an uncle who in the 1950's and 60's had a movie camera... a rarity in those days for the masses. A few weeks back my daughter bought a DVD with her when she came to visit and there on it were some of the home movies that my uncle took way back then including my parents as teenagers before marriage; their wedding [at St Paul's Presbyterian Church...since obliterated in the February 2011 earthquake]; me as a toddler being chased by my dad. Very precious...especially as i got to see my great grandmother as a moving person! She died before i was born. As it is mum and dads 50th wedding anniversary on 17 October 2009 this is now especially timely :-) and i only had black and white photos of their wedding. It was wonderful to see the moving footage.
These are only stills, but hopefully i will be able to rip parts of the DVD off to add to this post.

Mum and dad late teens - early 20's - c1957

Mum entering St Paul's Presbyterian Church, Cashel Street, Christchurch, NZ

After the ceremony

There is my Great grandmother Emma Johnston [nee Arbuckle] in the background.  Born 1886 and died 1961 before i was born.

Mums dad, John [Jock] Kennedy - born 1911 died 1992


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