1:12 Genealogist's Study - part 4

I was rudely interrupted in my quest to continue some headstone photography today as the weather turned quite rainy so back home it was to continue on my Genealogist's study :-)

I decided to complete the window and floor today at least.

Architrave and outer window sill made of balsa wood and fitted/glued

Interior architrave and window sill made of balsa wood and fitted/glued

I use Mylar* for the windows. This is perfect as it is clear and very firm to work with.

Cut 4 pieces of 'window framing', this will be fitted to the mylar.

Trimming the frames to fit the exterior architraves, i then carefully sliced down the centre of each piece of window framing, not fully through, but half way through the thickness and then slid the frame along the mylar.

The completed window with knob attached

Completed window - side

Completed window - front on.
I have glued it to appear open.

Beginning to paint.
A darker colour for the exterior frame.

Lighter colours for the interior

Completed painting the exterior window frame and sill. The sill is lighter colour than the frame.
The exterior of the box is still to be completed, so any rough edges of the painting will be obscured when that is complete.

Preparing balsa wood for the timber flooring

Affixing the flooring in sections to interior of room box

Flooring in place.
Skirting boards commenced.

Flooring and skirting boards in place.
First coat of water based polyurothane - 3 coats to do in total.

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©2010 Sarndra Lees


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