1:12 scale Genealogists study - part 3

I've decided to only do bricks for 1/3 of the way up the diorama and doing a stucco type exterior for the rest. This will add a more interesting texture to the outside and not make it appear like a prison cell!

Having completed the brick section, i have commenced grouting inbetween the bricks tonight.

1. Using Polyfilla and mixing scrapings of soft pastels to colour i then put the mixture in to a syringe

2. Squeeze the mixture into the spaces of the bricks [harder than it looks!]

3. Using super thick Pams brand baby wipes, i then smoothed the grout into the gaps and wiped the excess off

4. Rear of diorama completed with the ungrouted bricks to compare on the right

5. Side section half completed

Part 1 - 1:12 scale Genealogists study

Part 2 - 1:12 scale Genealogists study

Part 4 - 1:12 scale Genealogists study

©2010 Sarndra Lees


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