Auckland War Memorial Museum remembers Christchurch - 3rd Anniversary of the devastating quake of 22 February 2011

Indelibly etched into my psyche for the rest of my life, it is nice to see this catastrophic event remembered in Auckland.  The effects of this earthquake and subsequent ones are far reaching - a few of us that work here have family and friends that have suffered and still are suffering on an emotional level.
This commemoration is a more low key one than the first commemoration at the museum and rightfully so, we are moving on and the sharp edges of loss, despair and emotional upheaval are blurring a bit...I said ... a bit.  We still have to remember that we've lost childhood roots and homes, our families and acquaintances have had their social structures torn out from under them, the rebuild is slow and frustrations still torment. It is important to remember to support those still going through turmoil.
Just my 'bands 4 hope' and I
Nearly to the hour

all in a row
North entrance
North entrance

South entrance


Christchurch earthquake remembered Part 2
-There was much footage in this that I hadn't seen before

©2014 Sarndra Lees


  1. Lovely gesture Sandy, and great link at the end -
    Still raw seeing it all

  2. Hugs Fi xxxx
    Trauma takes time to heal. xx Allow the time :o)


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