So I'm going to be a Grammy...again!

YES indeed this is my most exciting news to look forward to this year so far! Due 15th June. A wee sparring partner for Joseph who will be 2 yrs 4 mths when baby boy arrives.

My lovely daughter Jessica and her husband imparted this news to me early November to give me a bit of a boost during a rather blah time I was going through back then. 

It has also been a hard year for both of them losing a baby in May 2012 after an ectopic pregnancy for which surgery was required of course and then losing another when she was up here visiting my partner and I in July 2012. All appears fine with this babe and she has now reached the 17 week stage.

Grandson #2 Scan 4 Dec 2012 - 12 weeks

Grandson #2 Scan 4 Dec 2012 - 12 weeks

They were going to wait until Christmas day to tell everyone by putting a 'big brother' t-shirt on Joe [see below]  but by a couple of weeks before Christmas everyone knew :)
Joe - 22 months - December 2012

Let's hope that this wee bairns birth won't be quiteeeee as adventurous as Joe's was!!!!

Jessica and Joseph Christmas Day 2012

Joseph - Christchurch Botanical Gardens 29 December 2012


Charlie James
Born 21 June 2013
11.54 am
Weighing 8pd 11ozs
50 cm long
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