Mural art in Waikumete Cemetery

A lovely day today and so took the opportunity to head to Waikumete Cemetery for a spot of photography - of course it's never just a 'spot' with me is it *grin* no, so this trip ended up with another 500 photographs to edit and work through 250 biographies of those graves.  I take 2 photos per grave.  One from a distance and one of the headstone close up. Here is my Waikumete cemetery group on Flickr.

My partner happened upon a box covering a utility of some sort.  Maybe a small pumphouse or electricity housing.  Auckland has this very awesome habit of beautifying these things and they generally have a theme of the area they are in.  The one in Waikumete Cemetery is in the military section and so that was it's theme.

Another decorated utility box outside William Maxwell cemetery I have photographed is here and a random street utility box is here



  1. They are beautiful murals, aren't they? We need more of them. Thanks for sharing these, Sandy.

  2. You're welcome, amazing i'll say! Yes I agree... they actually deter tagging and brighten those horrible boxes :)


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