So it's been quite a while since i've produced a post!

Jess's pregnancy is progressing fantastically and she has just passed the 22 week stage. Babe has been confirmed as a boy... I can't WAIT to give him such big hugs and raspberries on his tum. He's been causing quite a ruckus in Jess's tum lately and she thinks he's going to be a supporter of martial arts! She first felt him move on the weekend of the earthquake.. so quite appropriate!

19 week scan

The other exciting news is my upcoming visit to London! This has been instigated by my employer. I will be attending the fluid preservation course for biological specimens workshop at the Horniman Museum on 1-4 November.

I leave NZ on 28 October at midnight flying direct [refuel in Hong Kong with a couple hours stopover]. I will be staying with my aunt and uncle in London. I intend to visit the Foundling museum; Petrie museum of Egyptian archaeology; National army museum; Hunterian museum at the Royal College for Surgeons amongst others and hopefully get to see some churches that make themselves known on the baptismal and marriage certificates of my ancestors. I'll be visiting Royal Leaming Spa to stay with my partners aunt and uncle and visiting my cousin in Derby. I'll also be staying 3 days with my brothers first wife in Hertfordshire and visiting Tring Natural History Museum which i've heard has some amazing artifacts. I also want to catch at least 1 of the 'Magnificent Seven' cemeteries for a short while. Probably Nunhead which i will be closest to. It looks fantastic! I haven't done a lot of travelling apart from 3 weeks in Tasmania in 2005 and i'm a bit freaked out about it all but i'll be fine!

I get back to New Zealand on the 20th November chock full of knowledge and very tired i suspect! I've even shouted myself a new HP notebook for the occasion... so much more compact than my current laptop and super handy for the many trips to Christchurch to see my lovely little expected grandson :-)

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  1. Having grandchildren is the best thing in the entire world - better than money, fame, doctorates or political power. And the first grandchild is the most exciting (not the most loved... they are all loved the same).

    Welcome to granny world. When will it be?

  2. Aww thank you Hels :-) Yes i'm very much looking forward to a big life change in this one! Granny is a whole new realm! Babe is due 11 February 2011 .... 11022011 :-)

    Have a fantastic weekend!


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