2 mystery WW2 New Zealand WAAF ladies

Last week I purchased on trademe from a second hand goods store in Geraldine, 2 framed portraits of women who were serving in the Airforce in WW2. The hat insignia looks that of the New Zealand WAAF's [Woman's Auxiliary Air Force] and the arm flying badges confirm they were in the airforce.

There appears to be no identifying information on the photos except for the second photo - however this is sparse and photo looks to be to Jack from Marge.

"To Jack with best w... from Marge[?]"

Do you recognise these women? I'd love to be able to give them back to their families.


  1. Hi Sandy,
    Thank you for your post on our website.
    Below is a link to a Pdf file with information on contacting & researching Air Force personel.
    I'm not sure if it will be of any help to you, but, given the little you have to go on, anything is a possibility...


    William G Joyce
    Group CO
    Airborne Eagles LHG

    1. http://muse.aucklandmuseum.com/databases/Cenotaph/122044.detail?Ordinal=24&c_firstname_search=margaret&c_warconflict_search=%22world+war+ii,+1939-1945%22

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    3. [previous comment deleted due to name error]
      Thanks very much... i presume you're indicating this is Marge. I shall do some follow up work :)

      Cheers! [feel free to email me with any more information if you feel comfortable!]


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