Veg, Pie and something to wipe up with

Just a quick post of a couple more miniatures i made this week:

Side view tea towel 1
Both made from clay
I have made these to look screwed up and slightly tattered. They are for my 'Life of Grime' diorama

Teatowel 1 front view

Teatowel 2 front view

Teatowel 2 side view

The first two photos are the leeks i made for my 'Life of Grime' diorama. I have made them so that the leafy greens hang over the end of the bench

These leeks were my first practice ones.

Pumpkin pies
These turned out okay. However, i'm not too happy with the bottle tops....might hunt around for little pie dishes instead.


  1. Cool cockroaches ;) Great grunge!!

  2. Oh, and the leeks are awesome!!

  3. Thanks Susan! The leeks were fantastic fun! Here's a link to the tutorial...if i can do them anyone can! This was the first time i'd tried them

  4. Heh heh the cockroaches were a nightmare and they didn't much look like cockroaches..more like giant tics lol oh well was fun! and gives it a more grotty look :D you'd never know i'm pedantic in my own home LOL


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