The moments have come finally! I get to put all the bits and pieces i've bought and made on to my grotty bench scene and do the final tweeking. Here's the photos so far. It's so time consuming! Not finished yet. For scale, see this photo

Biscuit plate detail

Kitty bowl tipped over

Leeks in place :-)

Peas and carrots waiting placement

Close up of peas and carrots

There goes teatowel 1

Mucky jar of marmalade in place
with donuts underneath

Dirty dishcloth at back of basin.
Made from a piece of chux dishcloth.

Oreo packet on bench splashboard with biscuits in; l
eeks in place; licquorice lollies in jar and
plate of biscuits, cake and kiwifruit

Fish and halved lemon; pot of peas and carrots,
jar of licquorice lollies; mucky jar of marmalade;
partially peeled Apple and potatoes
and donuts behind the pot.

Bowl of potatoes carrots and a cabbage
and lolly packets beside the basin

Under sink to left of basin. Cat biscuits,
tipped bowl and contents and kitty litter.
Toaster, patty pans, lollies in packets
and second tea towel to left.

Left view end of bench

Right view end of bench


  1. omg, this is a great scene! You've chosen such good details, everything looks in its place. Amazing job!


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