I decided today to put together the bench part of my life of grime. I've been playing around with making little items for the diorama the last few weeks, so whilst Mike was busy sorting the garage out to put our new freezer in i thought i would do something productive too LOL!

The first part of life of grime is here

The story continues below:

Above: the sink attached to the backing board and now with slatted shelves underneath. $NZ2 coin for comparison

Above: Backing paper now on bench back

Above: Several layers of paints later, coming together

Above: Some of the items i've made and bought place on the bench unit. This won't be their final locations, but i couldn't wait to see what it may look like! I will seal the paint first.

Above: And another capture with a coin for scale and the pizza box out the way :-)


  1. OMG that is sooo cool! Well done! Just need a skinny scrawny kitteh to go with the friskies lol


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